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More Tabletop Exercises, Twitter Conspiracy Theories, BlackRock Wants Your Utilities, IgG4 Immune Tolerance

A Big Announcement(!), Holiday Tips, Accountability, Adverse Reactions, and Censorship Updates

New grief, politicians with gumption, CDC potentially premeditated wrongful conduct, influencing kids, and a Died Suddenly rebuttal

Accessing previous newsletters, vaccinated deaths, traffic cameras, and Katie Hobbs certified her election

The reality of the ground and a fix for bureaucracy

Myocarditis risk and FTX funded covid disinformation

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Mary's Eulogy + weird crypto-stories

Cleaning out my inbox means you get some more updates

This one is long (wait - what are we talking about?) and includes a lot about death, a bit of that WHO deep dive I promised, and some other things.

Grief and legwork

A week ago

Re: Mary + my next draft

Nord Stream pipeline, Breastmilk Info, and Failure of Shots & Masks, CA to Muzzle Docs, and More Funding for Bat Coronavirus Research

Just three videos!

Finding the *one thing*

Don't forget Vioxx

Two (really quick!) reminders for TODAY, 9/12

A little grief, a little magic, and a really important task

Cycle things and a competition! (Plus deaths, but let's focus on the positive)

Live blood analyses reveal creepy stuff

🍉 I cannot believe I did this! (30 second video)

There's a lot in here

CJD, Scientific choices, and updates from CDC and WHO

Are we on the same side?

Radiation that I sometimes recommend

I'm back!

Back to your expected updates

On weeding out the lies

Love has tentacles, too.

The end of the emergency and the plan for the next, Adverse Events, Concurrence, Genomics, CIA at Facebook, Ray Epps, and Glyphosate

55% said to mix it up - let's try this.

Announcements, Dutch Farmers, Declining Birth Rates, Offit, Havana Syndrome, Philanthropaths

A new boundary, rapid fire updates, my thoughts on self-driving cars, two happy bits of info, and an idea

Mumma Recommends:

I'm taking a poll (and sharing a lot)

How I became my own investigative journalist

I'm crying on Friday (are you?), We're actually revisiting vision changes, Pfizer's kids' data and EUA auth, More food plants blowing up, Sex and AI

Revisiting bladder spasms, $10M grant to Fauci, covid shots for littles, monkeypox in pregnancy

The 3-Part History of My Experience with Bladder Spasms

Concussion update, Energy at the end of the world, Privacy, High viral load, Mandates, and Climate change mental health

What's Happening in Davos and Geneva, Ukraine Biolabs, Myocarditis Prevalence, Domestic Terrorism Revisited

A Monkeypox Rabbit Hole, Luciferase, UFO Hearing, and Privacy

IHR Amendments, Monkeypox, Teacups & Tissues, DARPA for Health, 5-11 year-olds, Food Shortages

WHO Statement, IHR Amendments, SIDS Research, and Government Funding Conflicts of Interest

Supreme Court Leak, Differing Opinions, WHO Repeats

Personal wins, Lessons from Dr. McCullough, Disinformation, and Social Media Resumes

End of the pandemic phase, shots for babies, and a pandemic treaty rabbit hole

Trash muzzles, Trump appointees, Twitter shares, T-shirts, Terrifying ideas, and other topics that don't start with T

What Pfizer knew, News truths, Shanghai, and snakes

I found the placebo! (But not really)

About that slap, unknown placebo, quiet headline news, and a slightly-speculative data dump for paid subs

Reading Assignments, Kids & Covid, A Biologist's Definition of "Woman," Someone's Finally Studying Vaccine Safety, and another Pfizer data dump for paid subs

Why Postpartum Rehab Matters, Biolabs and Hunter Biden funding, Sauna & Plunge Research, Food Shortages

Book recommendations, Drugs in Nazi Germany, Digital Passports in War, How to Stop Disrespecting Kids, and Eye Stuff

How I Stopped Wearing Glasses or Contacts (and didn't get LASIK)

Increase in blood clots, Decrease in covid kid deaths, Programs I think you'll like, a Note on wrinkles, and a Rabbit hole on nutrition

HCQ suppression, Ukraine + Meta, Legislation I'm actually excited about, Black Rock, Boosters, and Domestic Terrorism updates

It's Pi Day. I love this day.

Updated VAERS Data, Operation Northwoods Annviersary, and another Pfizer dump for paid subs

Welcome to Triangle Chiropractic and Rehab!

Connecting dots, face diapers, kids' shots, and the Great Escape

10,000 pages of Pfizer data, more on media, and an intro from my homestead

SOTU, Ukraine (but not like you think), and Pfizer and Moderna BOTH in hot water

New Mask Guidelines from the CDC, Jabs During Pregnancy, BlackRock in the White House, and Kid Stuff

I thought this was going to be short.

Our Collective Dark Night of the Soul

Raleigh mandates, pregnancy info, and truckers

More gaslighting from Fauci, and my lessons from Vegas

EUA for infants?!

Digging Deeper on Masks, Ivermectin, Rogan, and SPIKEVAX

Digging Deeper on Masks, Ivermectin, Rogan, and SPIKEVAX (audio only)

You knew this would happen

You knew this would happen (audio only)

BC Update and the Ending of My News Fast

BC Update and the Ending of My News Fast (audio only)

Congruence: on putting my money where my mouth is

Congruence: on putting my money where my mouth is (audio only)

Letter to Beautycounter Executives (audio only)

I'm starting a news fast, but first:

I'm starting a news fast, but first:

What have we learned?

What have we learned? (audio only)

The Cost of Convenience

The Cost of Convenience (audio only)

5G, Mass Formation, and Contempt as Self-Approval

5G, Mass Formation, and Contempt as Self-Approval (audio only)