Updated VAERS Data, Operation Northwoods Annviersary, and another Pfizer dump for paid subs

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My thanks again to those of you who celebrated with me Friday (near and from afar) and gratitude for those of you who have signed up as paid subscribers (I’m guessing it’s to access the Pfizer data I’ve been sifting through). And I also want to thank all of you who open these lengthy posts week after week (and now typically at a rate of twice a week usually because there’s just so much to share!).

A quick update on our homestead: I have seven baby chicks peeping in my living room right now under a heat lamp, as they hatched from our incubator this weekend. The cycle of life continues. And my seedlings are sprouted. I’ve yet to direct sow anything, but plan to get some things in the ground soon!

We’ve lost an hour this weekend, so cheers to the extra cup of coffee that many of you will reach for this week as you adjust to the new cycle. Remember that no amount of data can inform you quite as well as your own internal barometer: if you need a little extra rest, take it!

VAERS data was updated to include the following:

The data included a total of 25,158 reports of deaths — an increase of 331 over the previous week — and 203,888 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 3,557 compared with the previous week.

It also includes a report of a 7-year-old who died less than two weeks after his Pfizer shot of cardiac arrest. My heart breaks for the family of this boy.

How can the benefits of not getting what is now recognized as a cold outweigh the risks of these types of outcomes?!

The Surgeon General of Florida, Dr. Ladapo, agrees: “Show me the data that show that the benefits outweigh the risks in healthy children, and we will happily revise our policy. But those data don’t exist because it’s a big question mark for healthy children.”

The boy who died had no pre-existing comorbidities, though the report did state that at his last primary care visit of 2021, his BMI was 62.

The whole scenario is horrifying and heartbreaking.

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Please keep in mind the past two years of narrative-peddling as the world moves forward. I urge you to *consider* that everything you’re told is a variation from the truth, if not an outright lie.

There was a direct opposition to the idea that started to surface that there were US-funded biolabs in Ukraine; it was labeled as misinformation. But more information has started to trickle out (and the internet is forever).

This archived article titled “Biolab Opens in Ukraine” dated June 8, 2010, about how then Senator Obama entered into a partnership with Ukrainian officials in 2005 to study bioweapons such as anthrax seems to absolutely contradict the contradiction.

Let me be clear: I am not saying that what’s happening in Ukraine right now is not abhorrent. I am not a friend of Putin.

I am saying that we do not have the whole story and that this image I found on reddit is accurate for me:

There are multiple videos, clips, and images that have been recycled and played as if they’re current events. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t atrocities currently happening, but it does mean that you are being fed inaccurate information. Check out this article from the BBC on how much of this has been happening. From the article:

Footage of an aerial dogfight is accompanied by the caption "MiG-29 of the Air Force of the Armed Forces destroys the 'unparalleled' Su-35 of the Russian occupiers".

However, it's video game footage from the game Digital Combat Simulator World. This isn't the first time that game footage has been used to illustrate military action.

One clip of old and incorrectly labelled footage has been viewed over 18 million times on video-sharing platform TikTok.

In case you thought TikTok wasn’t a great source for news, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki just briefed TikTok influencers on the Ukraine situation. That’s not a joke. That’s what your tax dollars are funding. Project Mockingbird, anyone?

Don’t believe everything that you hear. Don’t believe everything that you see. Verify, verify, verify.

I’m not telling you who to trust; that needs to be a decision you make and do not take lightly.

I personally put no trust in the government. There is a long list of reasons why, but this week in particular marks 60 years since Operation Northwoods was officially recommended by our top military leaders.

The proposed plan suggested killing innocent Americans and staging attacks in order to make people believe that Cuba had been behind the attacks in an effort to garner American and international support for us to attack Cuba.

A variety of activities would be coordinated. Here is a snippet of the 15 page document that I recommend you read for yourself:

The only reason this DIDN’T happen is because JFK denied the proposal, which had approval from every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (And then what happened to JFK? Hmm.)

I tried to find evidence that any of the JCS were tried or convicted or even slapped on the wrist for their part in attempting to coordinate this endeavor, but found none.

If that was happening then, and none of the people who proposed this egregious attempt at harming others and manipulating your thoughts and feelings for their own gain and for military control on an international level, who says it’s not happening now?

You don’t want to believe me. Your cognitive dissonance is strong. I get it.

The alternative viewpoint to the consideration that this type of thing is still happening would be that you believe that every single government official and leader across the globe has each individual human’s best interest at heart.

Possible? I suppose. Probable? Definitely not.

Which is more believable? The idea that our own government (as well as those of other countries) is quite capable of carrying out false attacks in order to further an agenda, or the idea that they’re all angelic?

Sure, you could argue that there are just a few bad apples. But which ones are bad? And how would you know?

Because it’s not just corruption happening behind closed doors of board rooms. All of your AI devices - Siri, Alexa, FitBit, your smart watch, your Nest, your Ring, your phone, your car, or whatever artificial intelligence units you have all over your house that are listening to your conversations at all times - know what you’re thinking and FEELING about the information you’re taking in.

They know that when you see images of bombs dropping that your heart races on that heart rate monitor that you’re using to help you figure out your health (as opposed to sinking in to how you feel and determining your own best practices).

They know that you’re talking to your spouse about what’s happening and what you think next best moves are.

And the data that you are willingly (even if unwittingly) feeding to your tech devices can be conveyed (sold) to pollsters and strategists, who then can inform your local and federal government officials and candidates of what the public will accept or not.

I know I’m painting a dystopian picture here, but this is what’s happening. You are feeding a monster with your data. And you do not know who this monster is or what it’s capable of.

If we assume that the following three things are true:

  1. clandestine government operations are happening

  2. tech companies are collecting all of your private and personal information at nearly all times of the day

  3. media is controlled by six major corporations and has long ties to the CIA (remember Project Mockingbird?)

then how can you be sure that what you’re seeing (and then how you think and how you feel in response to that) is accurate and true and not completely fabricated?

Maybe you think this is far-fetched and believe I’m drawing inappropriate conclusions. I truly welcome your disagreement. But those three points are true.

If that’s the case, then how can we delineate what our own thoughts and feelings are vs. what we’re being compelled to do/think/say/feel by those in positions of power (in government, media, and tech companies)?

My God, I sure can be a Debbie Downer over here with my Shark watch and my NitroPhone, sending messages via Signal and covering all of my cameras while using airtube headphones instead of those horrible air pods.

(Not a single one of those are affiliate links. I grabbed all of those links for your reference because I care about your health and your privacy. I hope you do, too.)


I’ve been slowly getting through the Pfizer data dump. It’s quite intensive and not organized. Most of it isn’t dated and it’s not easily searchable. I do not think any of that is accidental.

Pfizer data to follow for paid subs. But here’s a fun fact for all of you that I just pulled out of the data:

There is no hypothesis testing in Study BNT162-01.

There is no hypothesis. We’re just going to try a few things out, record (some of) the findings, unblind participants 2 weeks into a trial, and then keep the findings confidential because the public doesn’t need to know what their tax dollars are funding but they must comply with the mandates that we put in place for them regardless of the lack of available information that would allow them to make a truly informed choice. Because science.

The full video is for paid subscribers