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The people who subscribe to my newsletter are people who want to dive down rabbit holes to find out the WHY behind what’s happening in our world that affects our health, but simply don’t want to spend their day researching.

I’m often investigating things for my own benefit or curiosity, and do the same on behalf of my patients. Topics I typically dig into include health policies surrounding covid, pregnancy, kid health, EMF exposure, privacy, pelvic floor health, and the science of light and water.

I share this information while remaining skeptically optimistic and at least a little bit sarcastic. If that sounds fun to you, I’d love to have you around.

Here are two examples of my work that will give you an idea of my writing style:

To be clear

I express lots of ideas and thoughts, most of which are intended to help you figure out your own stance or opinion: not to sway you to thinking like I do.

We don’t have to agree in order to learn.

I sometimes share affiliate links, which allow me to get paid for doing the legwork of testing out products before I recommend them. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use my links and encourages me to share more of my favorite things with you so that we can both benefit.

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I appreciate the paid support of my writing and am grateful for all of my readers who read and share my work.

To find out more about the company that provides the tech for this newsletter, visit Substack.com. I am grateful that they share my writings without censorship.

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