Sitemap - 2023 - Dr. Lindsay Mumma’s Newsletter

Off-target bullseyes

a lot of challenging questions

Our Cyber Monday Deals, a Giveaway, a New Project I'm working on, Shingles + Covid, Creepy Stuff, Podesta Emails, and a Julian Assange Case

🎉 Your Pelvic Floor Sucks: Audio Book Release!

My next business venture, gaslighting, Fall Prevention, Postpartum Rehab updates, Tytler cycle, Brix test

Audio book sneak peek(!), SV40, FDA refusing to recall, excess deaths, and my final course of the year

Death Anniversary, Grief Alchemy, "safety", straight to jail, Meat & Greet invite, and new courses!

Hip fractures in the elderly, public indictments for the Raleigh shooting, a new crisis, and DNS for all

Spike proteins in breastmilk, spike proteins for six months after vaccination, Gardisil litigation, spying WiFi, J6 misdemeanors

A note on precedence

Time-sensitive reminders and homework down three rabbit holes

New monovalent boosters, nanny state, Great Depression reflections, healthy tennis champ, adios to Dr. Almonte, Practice Accelerator Summit invite

An exciting announcement, South Africa sold out, safety of safes, privacy and disinformation, and reminders for upcoming events

A bittersweet sendoff, travel supplements, book reviews, women's sports, psuedonyms, weight loss drugs, and pig farms

DNS D Course/Prague photos!

Okay, before I go

A short na shledanou

A book request, a few "I told you so"s, sit-up nonsense, pharma's "too big to fail" project, and aerosol exposure of vaccine antibodies

Political corruption, Biden family adventures, and the horrors of a hot summer

On working, updates from Your Pelvic Floor Sucks, covid origins, childhood vaccines, and classical liberalism

See you TODAY!, exploring the cult of trauma, more covid lies coming out, and some teaching updates

I'm reading to you about Patient Appreciation Day, Conspiracy Facts, Submarines, Aliens, Creating Humans in Labs, Eye Health, and Covid

Ecstatic dance, beach trip, servers down, and the erasure of women

Let's dance, Mandy Cohen, snakes and other conspiracy theories-turned-facts, and a note on privacy

Ohio trip recap, NC legislation, SCOTUS rulings, government lies, and covid cancers

My best segues yet, and this email is too long for your inbox

Skewed Data from the Preliminary Findings on mRNA V-Safety in Pregnancy

Over half of the women had an adverse event, and that’s not concerning to you?!

Mother's Day gift ideas, exciting things at TriangleCRC, end of (some) federal mandates, and child exploitation

“Everyone’s peeing their pants and we haven’t done a damn thing about it.”

A little speculation on the EPA, bribing doctors, and the RESTRICT Act

covid's over (no, seriously), CBDC rollout, war document leak, a poll for you, and my reading list

Reading List

Join me on Notes

Mundane magic, Trump's Indictment, Open-Sourced Twitter, Weaponization of Govt, + health tips

There are no April Fools in here.

Revisiting the past, being wrong, and how I picked my March Madness winners

Financial collapse, Accurate reporting (ha), Enjoying my memory, and I can't stop giggling

It's time for a rabbit hole!

Book Signing recap, covid origins, media's blind eye, East Palestine update, Ukraine's request, and what's happening this month

Vegas recap (including pics and videos), more explosions, and deets of Dilbert

“Oh, that lady who can crush a watermelon with her thighs wrote a book? Yeah, I’ll read that.”

UAP, East Palestine update, Natural immunity, and Schwab vs. Musk

"Novel" coronavirus vaccine from 2019, Operation Hardtack, IFOs, and a surprisingly short update on my book

A personal and book update

I'm reading to you and this is too long for your email inbox.

Movement, Recipes, Food as Medicine, Powers that Be, End of Emergencies, Privacy, Face Mask Ineffectiveness, Project Veritas, and a Space Balloon

Weird & violent, News cycle plotting, Surprising admissions regarding shots, and Birth data

Compounding grief, fake things on the internet, and a little speculation

More unintended consequences, a Davos event recap, new vaccine changes, new pilot changes, new classes.

Timeline of Discovery/Disclosure, Secrets, Epps' Interview, and 2019 Samoan Measles

Lamenting, Our Next Teacups & Tissues, Tylenol in Pregnancy, and Classified Documents

What's wrong with this picture?

Our collective Jordan year, 2022 reflections, a 2023 workout, detox tips, wasteful spending, depopulation meetings, and don't forget your mask